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Christ Lutheran Church of Fairfax, CA

Sunday Services begin at 10:00 am

What will you see when you come to worship here?

You will see the Children’s Corner, with a small table and chairs, art materials, books, and soft toys.  Here, young children can absorb the spirit of worship, even as they are engaged with activities appropriate to their age level. 
You will see the elements of worship—Baptismal Font, symbol of welcome into God’s family;  Communion Table, where Christ welcomes all to be fed in body and spirit;  Pulpit, from which we are nurtured and challenged with the word of God.
You will see windows that look out to the beauty of God’s creation, where turkeys and deer wander into view—a reminder of our place in God’s world, and our responsibility to treat that world with care and wonder.

Who will you find here?

People who are welcoming, and who worship with a sense of joy and expectation—people who care about one another, about our world, about you. 

What will you hear?

You will hear and sing music both ancient and modern, with a variety of instruments—piano, African drums, guitar, recorder, flute….Do you play an instrument?  Come join in!
You will hear sermons that take scripture seriously and connect with our world and our daily lives.
You will hear prayer that comes out of the hearts of the people.

So come…join the prayers of your heart to ours.