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Christ Lutheran Church of Fairfax, CA

Service to Our World

Jesus healed the sick, embraced the outcast, and bound up the brokenhearted.  As those who have experienced his freeing love, we reach out our hands to others.

Local Service

We collect coins and food each week during worship, which is distributed through the Marin Food Bank.

We serve as hosts to homeless women every Wednesday night of the winter, through the county-wide REST program (Rotating Emergency Shelter Team).

Our members volunteer at the weekly Fairfax Food Bank.

Several times a year we collect other kinds of offerings, such as

•book bags and school supplies for children returning to school in the fall;

•cleaning and household supplies in the spring for families transitioning out of homelessness;

•a Baby Shower for Jesus at Epiphany, for which we bring baby clothes and other essentials for families in need;

We support a number of local agencies, such as Homeward Bound, the Ritter House, the Marin Food Bank, and Rainbow Kids of Fairfax.

We are currently partnering with Resources for Community Development to have affordable senior housing built on our property, as a way of providing a much-needed resource in an area with a rapidly-aging population and extremely high housing costs. 

If you would like to help with any of these programs, please contact us!

Global Service

Our offerings to Lutheran Social Services, ELCA World Hunger, and Lutheran Disaster Response help provide desperately needed help to people in other parts of this nation, as well as around the world (see Links to learn more about these agencies).  Most recently we took up a special offering toward ELCA World Hunger’s Life-Giving Water project, which helps to create clean, accessible water systems for villages in developing nations.

Other emphases in recent years have included tornado response in Greensburg, Kansas; Heifer International; and earthquake relief in Haiti and Japan.

Come join your hands with ours!